woman holding autoinjectors for epinephrine

U.S. House of Representatives Maxwell Alejandro Frost (D-FL) and Doris Matsui (D-CA) have introduced the Epinephrine’s Pharma Inflated Price Ends Now (EPIPEN) Act (H.R.6965) to cap out-of-pocket cost for a two-pack epinephrine auto-injector devices at $60 for patients with employer-based or individually purchased health insurance.

With increasing cost for epinephrine, several states have enacted laws to cap the cost so it is more affordable for individuals and families who live with severe allergies. However, federal legislation is still needed to lower costs nationwide.

Access to safe, effective and affordable treatment is vital. Not having access is putting Americans at risk for poorer health outcomes and deepening inequities for those with severe allergies. Cost should not be a barrier.

Join us in our advocacy to bring greater access to this life-saving medication by making it affordable for those living with severe allergies!

Your voice is important; let it be heard!