Healthy at Home

Apartment building complex

The Healthy at Home Act (H.R. 5533/S. 2834) protects tenants in federally-assisted housing from being exposed to dangerous types of mold and other health risks.

The bill would:

  • provide federal funding to support building owners as they seek to make the changes needed to improve a building’s safety for tenants;
  • support research and standard-setting on mold and mold mitigation;
  • create minimum housing stock quality requirements for federally-assisted housing;
  • create an education campaign for tenants and landlords to reduce health risks; and
  • incentivize states to disclose health and safety concerns in the building to future residents.

Indoor mold can cause serious respiratory problems for people with mold allergy and allergic asthma. Many people are unaware that mold may be the cause of their allergy or asthma symptoms. To address this health hazard, mold education and research must take place in communities that have been greatly impacted by mold or experienced extensive flooding in recent years. Reducing mold in housing properties is needed to create healthier environments for those who live with allergies and asthma.

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