Support Dillon’s Law

Wisconsin state capital building

Dillon’s Law (H.R. 3910/S. 3575) incentivizes states to train, certify, and enable good Samaritans to administer epinephrine to an individual experiencing anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction), in the event they need the medication before emergency medical services can arrive.

Dillion’s Law is inspired by 18-year-old Dillon Mueller of Wisconsin who died in 2014, from a deadly bee sting and was unable to receive life-saving measures in a timely manner.

There are 32 million Americans who live with severe allergies to food, insect venom, medication and latex. These allergies can lead to anaphylaxis and if severe, may lead to death. There are approximately 1500 deaths each year due to anaphylaxis, and children and adolescents are among those most at risk.

Take action and tell Congress to support Dillon’s Law to support those who live with severe allergies!

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